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Get two brilliant, lyrical, and charming short novellas from Dave Eggers (published in twin stunning slim hardcovers), together in one extremely convenient package while supplies last.

About The Honor of Your Presence

In this long short story, or short novella, Dave Eggers gives us an unforgettable duo, Helen and Peter Mahoney, a homebody niece and her adventurous, almost-British uncle. Helen designs invitations to parties and galas to which she is not welcome, and is quite comfortable with that. One day, though, Peter wonders, “Why not print an extra invite and I’ll be your plus one?” What starts out as an innocuous lark becomes much more—a very funny and lyrical referendum on why humans congregate and celebrate.

About The Museum of Rain

Oisín Mahoney is an American Army vet in his seventies who is asked to lead a group of young grand-nieces and grand-nephews on a walk through the hills of California’s Central Coast. Walking toward a setting sun, their destination is a place called The Museum of Rain, which may or may not still exist, and whose origin and meaning are elusive to all.

In one of his most elegiac short stories, Dave Eggers gives us a beautiful testament to family, memory, and what we leave behind.

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