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Includes Francisco González’s Serranos, a winner of the 2024 O. Henry Prize.

Inside Issue 70—compiled by deputy editor James Yeh—you’ll find brilliant fiction (and two essays) from places near and far; including Patrick Cottrell’s story about a surprisingly indelible Denver bar experience; poignant, previously untranslated fiction from beloved Danish writer Tove Ditlevsen; Argentine writer Olivia Gallo’s English language debut about rampaging urban clowns; the rise and fall of an unusual family of undocumented workers in rural California by Francisco González; and Indian writer Amit Chaudhuri’s sojourn to the childhood home of Brooklyn native Neil Diamond. Readers will be sure to delight in Guggenheim recipient Edward Gauvin’s novella-length memoir-of-sorts in the form of contributors’ notes, absorbing short stories about a celebrated pianist (Lisa Hsiao Chen) and a reclusive science-fiction novelist (Eugene Lim), flash fiction by Véronique Darwin and Kevin Hyde, and a suite of thirty-six very short stories by the outsider poet Sparrow. Plus letters from Seoul, Buenos Aires, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and Lake Zurich, Illinois, by E. Tammy Kim, Drew Millard, and more.

Featuring original stories by:
Patrick Cottrell
Francisco González
Sarah Wang
Edward Gauvin
Olivia Gallo
Véronique Darwin
Eugene Lim
Lisa Hsiao Chen
Kevin Hyde
Amit Chaudhuri

Previously untranslated work by Tove Ditlevsen
Translated from the Danish by Maya Solovej

A selection of volcanic rocks and other objects taken from, and returned to, Hawaii’s national parks (with accompanying apology letters), compiled and photographed by:
Ryan Thompson

A portfolio of drawings by:
Morteza Khakshoor

And letters by:
Drew Millard
E. Tammy Kim
Lille Allen
Julia Kornberg
Shari Gullo