McSweeney’s rings in the 2020s with a brand-new, oddly shaped paperback issue of our National Magazine Award–winning Quarterly Concern. Gaze inside this short-covered book to find: stories about cultish acting classes and human remains and eerie parties in dusty parlors; the conclusions of Issue 57’s cliffhanger stories by Oyinkan Braithwaite, Brian Evenson, and Mona Awad; essays on historic ACLU cases by the likes of Jacqueline Woodson and Charlie Jane Anders; letters from Brandon Hobson on an armadillo incarnation of Andrew Jackson and Jenny Slate on the indignity of game nights; a section of full-color photography by Tommy Kha; and so much more. Join us, hand-in-hand, as we enter a whole new era.

Featuring original stories by:
Olivia Clare
A. E. Stout
Kristen Gleason
Annesha Mitha
Julie Hecht
Carlea Holl-Jensen
Gabriel Bump
and Anjali Sachdeva

Writings on historic ACLU cases by:
Jacqueline Woodson
Charlie Jane Anders
Dave Eggers
and Neil Gaiman

Part Two of Issue 57’s cliffhanger stories by:
Mona Awad
Brian Evenson
and Oyinkan Braithwaite

a photo series by Tommy Kha,
an excerpt from Emerson Whitney’s Heaven.

and letters by:
Brandon Hobson
Hannah Kingsley-Ma
Laura Lane
Rufi Thorpe,
and Jenny Slate

To read the first halves of Issue 59’s cliffhanger stories, click here.