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Lionel Gregorian is a beat reporter covering the San Francisco Giants—an enviable job if not for the soggy fries, and the so-so weather, and the Giants’ losing record. His colleagues are even more dissatisfied, mired in statistics and myopia and complaints about a certain elevator that is really too slow. One day, though, a new pitcher, Nathan Couture, is brought up from the minor leagues; he’s tall and lanky and talks like no one they’ve ever covered. Even more startling is Nathan’s actual interest in the words Lionel writes, and his rare, even unprecedented, ability to see the beauty in the game he’s paid to play.

This short story, the fourth in The Forgetters series, finds Eggers at his most comic and lyrical. Published in a pocket-sized hardcover with stunning cover art by Angel Chang, The Comebacker will be available exclusively to McSweeney’s readers and subscribers until November of this year.