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Fasten your seat belts. Sound the alarm. Hot on the heels of the best-selling McSweeney’s 66 comes the latest issue of our nine-time National Magazine Award-finalist McSweeney’s Quarterly. Prepare yourself for McSweeney’s Issue 67.

Tear open this thrilling three-volume issue to find original stories by John Brandon and Eider Rodríguez; letters from Shelly Oria and Diana Spechler; a collection of poems by bus driver Sasha Pearl, composed on her lunch breaks (and introduced by Samantha Hunt); and so much more, all inside a series of interconnected cover illustrations by French artist Yann Le Bec with a story that unfolds in a standalone illustrated booklet. Steady yourselves, readers—the time has come for another unforgettable issue of McSweeney’s Quarterly.

Featuring original stories by:
Emma Hooper
Hilal Isler
John Brandon
Eider Rodríguez
Sam Munson

An illustrated story by Yann Le Bec

Bus Poems by Sasha Pearl
Introduced by Samantha Hunt

And letters by:
Diana Spechler
Carlos Greaves
Leslie Ylinen
Shelly Oria