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This is a preorder. McSweeney’s 64 will be released early fall 2021. All subscriptions to McSweeney’s Quarterly placed before November 1 will include this deluxe issue.

Combining art, fiction, audio, and a slew of unclassifiable print objects in a custom box, McSweeney’s 64 is a riotous exploration of audiovisual storytelling, coproduced with Radiotopia from PRX (home to genius, independent audio creators including Song Exploder, Criminal, Ear Hustle, and more). Each piece in the issue establishes its own relationship between audio and print—the contributor’s unique experiment in weaving the mediums.

Included are Rion Amilcar Scott with a short fiction piece featuring two alternative audio endings; Pulitzer Prize-nominated composer Kate Soper with a transhumanist, interactive software upload; DeafBlind poet John Lee Clark on the limits of accessibility; Claudia Dey, Jason Reynolds, Renee Gladman, Sharon Mashihi, and more taking us on audio tours of our own homes; Aliya Pabani with a radio drama whose plot is complicated by a 24” x 30” illustrated poster; Ian Chillag with an absurdist, interactive phone tree; James T. Green, Catherine Lacey, and This American Life’s Sean Cole with voicemail dispatches to the editor; National Book Award-finalist Kali Fajardo-Anstine, Aimee Bender, and Kelli Jo Ford with short stories that braid in audio; and so much more.


Contains pieces by:
Andrew Leland
Rion Amilcar Scott
Cher Vincent
Adriene Lilly
John Lee Clark
Katie Booth
Cristina Hartmann
Joseph Keckler
Rick Moody
Chris Abrahams

Aleatory Fiction by:
Kali Fajardo-Anstine
Aimee Bender
Kelli Jo Ford
with sounds by Jeremiah Moore

Voicemails to the Editor by
Catherine Lacey
Graham Mason
Sean Cole
Barbara Fremont
Sayre Quevedo
Kellie Mejdrich
David Weinberg
Bianca Giaever
Deborah Kelley
James T. Green

Crypto Acoustic Auditory Non-Hallucination by
Andy Slater

Audio Tours of Your Home by:
Katharina Smets
Edwina Attlee
Angela Shackel
Claudia Dey
Eliza Smith
Jacob Winik
Sharon Mashihi
Renee Gladman
Sara Brooke Curtis
Jason Reynolds

Get On Board by
Yvette Janine Jackson

KidzWorks! by
Ian Chillag

Douteflower by
Karinne Keithley Syers

ClearVoice by
Kate Soper

Speculation, N. by
Shayla Lawz
produced by Bassel

and Clinical Judgment by
Aliya Pabani