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“Ever shape-shifting and ambitious, McSweeney’s has redefined what a literary institution can be.”
Catherine Lacey

“There are few examples in publishing that equal the care and inventiveness McSweeney’s offers their readers—the industry at large should take note.”
Bookends and Beginnings, Evanston, IL

“Brilliant and always surprising.”
Detroit Free Press

We love periodicals. You love periodicals. We could all use periodicals. Available to all for the first time, get all three of the official McSweeney’s-published periodicals in one compact (and economically-priced) subscription bundle: three issues of Illustoria, four issues of McSweeney’s Quarterly, and four issues of The Believer magazine.

From the newly resurrected, twelve-time National Magazine Award finalist Believer magazine; to the always cutting-edge, form-shattering, and award-winning behemoth that is McSweeney’s Quarterly; to the beloved imagination- and inspiration-inciting Illustoria (named a best gift for kids by the New York Times three years and running); satisfy every reader in your life and keep the unforgettable and award-winning content coming all year long.

Readers will receive::

Illustoria #24: Love
What is LOVE? In this issue, featuring a gorgeous cover by Valerio Vidali, we spotlight friendships, families, hobbies, fan clubs, and unlikely animal buddies. Famous duos of kidlit reveal love in action, a poet ponders where love resides, and collaborating artists discuss the bittersweet joys of co-creating. Learn to say love in another language, send anonymous valentines, and make fairy bread for your bestie.

Write a short story about a professional raisin squisher, learn about unlikely animal friendships, and read an interview with Ashton Mota, an Afro-Latino youth activist. Make wild forage paint brushes, check out cartoon hearts drawn by kids from around the world, explore book reviews submitted by readers on the subject of friendship, and so much more loving content it will make your heart explode into bits!

The Believer Issue 146
In Issue 146 of The Believer: Pablo Calvi on the developing controversy around the Wakasa stone—a memorial to a Japanese-American killed at an internment camp in Delta, Utah; Paul Collins on the possibility of enfranchisement for intellectually disabled citizens; Elisa Gabbert on the logic behind roller coasters and horror films; and Ahmed Naji on Michael Heizer’s City, an immense Land Art project comprised of striking concrete sculptures. You’ll find interviews with The Office’s Creed Bratton, poet Eileen Myles, philosopher Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò, and musician Caroline Rose, as well as a new comic about food delivery robots by Lane Milburn. Plus, Julia Alvarez writes about her enchanting godmother; Laura Marris hikes to a chemical-polluted creek off the Niagara River; Andrew Lewis Conn recommends a rollicking 600-page novel about postwar America; and Nick Hornby returns, humorous as ever. We also have new poems from Taneum Bambrick and Monica Sok, small press book reviews, games, a schema of highly obscure viola jokes, and so much more.

We also have interviews with authors Hernan Diaz and Mona Simpson, podcaster Monica Padman, and sportswriter Marcus Thompson II, as well as a new comic from George Gene Gustines on being a sixteen-year-old letter hack. Plus, Kent Monkman finds his “wiggle,” Susan Steinberg reflects on American Psycho as assigned reading, and Emma Copley Eisenberg writes about all that Eastwick, Philadelphia, used to be. All this plus new-sprung guest columns from Daniel Halpern and Madeleine Thien, Jenny Slate–penned trivia, poems, book reviews, a historical survey of art-world pejoratives, and more.

McSweeney’s Issue 74
McSweeney’s National Magazine Award–winning Quarterly Concern celebrates our first quarter century of being an occasionally actually quarterly publication as so many mid-twentysomethings do (drenching ourselves in a sea of nostalgia for our misbegotten youth and looking forward into the promise of the future) with one of our most dazzling issues to date! Coming to you housed inside a deluxe tin lunchbox illustrated by the legendary Art Spiegelman, McSweeney’s 74 features a portfolio of pareidolia art by Spiegelman himself, wherein he teases out images from random watercolor inkblots; original pieces by Lydia Davis, Catherine Lacey, and David Horvitz printed onto pencils and whose meaning is designed to change throughout the pencil’s lifespan; and three packs of collectible author cards, packaged in real tear-away baseball-card packaging and featuring some of the finest writers of our time, including Sheila Heti, Hanif Abdurraqib, George Saunders, Sarah Vowell, Michael Chabon, Eileen Myles, and many more.

Find all this plus the official McSweeney’s Anthology of Contemporary Literature: a book composed of some of the greatest works of McSweeney’s past decade, with a new introduction by longtime editor Claire Boyle. Here you’ll find award-winning, shortlisted, anthologized, and otherwise feted and beloved stories from Lesley Nneka Arimah, T.C. Boyle, Mimi Lok, Kevin Moffett, Adrienne Celt, Bryan Washington, Samanta Schweblin, C Pam Zhang, Eskor David Johnson, Julia Dixon Evans, and more! Dive in with us, readers, as we bathe in the warmth of the past, and get ready for our next quarter century of always thrilling and unexpected literary work.

And then:
Keep a watchful eye on your mailbox as you wait for two more issues of McSweeney’s Quarterly , three more issues of The Believer, and two more issues of Illustoria. The future is full of surprises, but one guarantee is more literary wonderment that McSweeney’s readers have come to expect over nearly a quarter century.

IMPORTANT LOGISTICAL INFORMATION: This is a one time combo price, all subscriptions to McSweeney’s Quarterly automatically renew after four issues, at 15% off the price of a regular sub (currently $80.75), while Believer subscriptions renew after four issues at a price of $51, and Illustoria after three issues at a price of $40. In the event of any future rate changes, we will notify you via email. If you’d like to cancel any of the three subscription at any time prior to its auto-renewal, you can log in to your account and adjust your subscription settings. Or send an email to with the subject lines “End Quarterly Renew,” “End Believer Renew,” “End Illustoria Renew,” or “End Family Renew” depending on your desires. Refunds will be accepted only up until the first issue of your renewal is shipped. All subscriptions placed by August 15, 2024, will begin with McSweeney’s Issue 74, Illustoria #24: Love, and The Believer Issue 146. Any subscription purchased with the “gift” option marked at checkout will not be enrolled in autorenew.

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