NOTE: This item is a preorder. The Eyes and the Impossible will be released simultaneously as a deluxe wood-bound hardcover from McSweeney’s, and as a no-less-deluxe-but-bound-in-a-more-traditional-style hardcover from Knopf Books for Young Readers on May 9th.

The Eyes and the Impossible is the story of a dog named Johannes. Johannes is a free dog, a fast dog—such a fast dog! He lives in an urban park by the sea, and every day, he runs through the park, seeing all, missing nothing, and reporting what he sees to the park’s three ancient Bison, the Keepers of the Equilibrium. But the Equilibrium has been disrupted.

Mysterious rectangles are hypnotizing Johannes, humans are erecting a strange new building, and an entirely new kind of animal has arrived in the park—and there are hundreds of them. Johannes must run faster, see better, and ultimately do more than run and see—he must liberate those he loves.

Gorgeously illustrated throughout by Shawn Harris (author of Have You Ever Seen A Flower? and illustrator of Her Right Foot by Dave Eggers, among many others)—Dave Eggers’s The Eyes and the Impossible is a lyrical, soulful book full of wit and passion—a timeless story for readers of all ages.

Praise for The Eyes and the Impossible

“So clever and engrossing and sweet. I loved it.”
Roddy Doyle, Man Booker Prize and Irish PEN Award winner

“An exhilarating, funny, frightening, mind-warping, heart-squeezing tale. Told at the speed of light. A must read. For all humans.”
Jon Scieszka

“A total delight: a heroic dog’s account of a thrilling adventure, during which a community determines, separately and together, how to live. I loved it.”
Maile Meloy

“This book is a magic trick. The kind of magic trick where you want to know how to do it so you can also write a book this good.”
Jon Klassen

The Eyes and the Impossible is Exhibit A in the argument for children’s books being great literature. Honestly, it’s the best all-ages novel I’ve read in years. It reminded me why I love kids’ books—and why I love reading itself.”
Annie Barrows

“Hilarious, big-hearted, and beautifully written. If you want to know what I think, this book right here is a significant contribution to children’s literature.”
Mac Barnett